• the_illusive_man_by_shreas

Digital empowerment in an interconnected society
The constantly assisted experience of the digitally empowered consumer opens new horizons for self-expression through client-driven design. On the dark side, it could numb the capacity of independent thought and increase the incidence of manipulation among vulnerable individuals [read more]


  • Editorial
    Once concerned with the digital revolution and the digital divide, regulators and industries will soon become increasingly concerned with the divide in access to Data and Intelligence; the gap between man and machine; the paradoxes to be addressed to have an AI-driven economy work for a human-centric society...


  • Regional approaches to competitiveness
    Of all key industries, manufacturing is among the first to have totally transitioned in light of a global playing field, with competitiveness hardly being defendable on the basis of pure technological supremacy: skills and expertise are easily transferrable and IP is difficult to protect....


  • Bogota-Colombia

    UN drives for urban equity
    A focus on the United Nations World Urban Forum, drive for ‘Urban equity in development’ — which looks at practical and sustainable ways of creating more inclusive and compact cities that address complex issues like inequality, population and infrastructure.

  • Facebook maps migration
    A study of ‘between-city coordinated migration’, examining aggregate, anonymized data on all Facebook users who list both their hometown and their current city on their profile

  • Piloting better road transport
    An overview of how the EU-funded Straightsol project which is trialing new systems and solutions in a series of pilots for improved city transport, with a focus on better, safer and more efficient parcel and freight delivery

  • Driving future mobility
    Challenging the convenience of mobility by car as an option, as cities increase in density, impacting on quality of life.

  • Interview with Elkin Velasquez, UN Human Settlements Program
    Elkin Velasquez Director of the Regional Office for the Caribbean and Latin America - UN Human Settlements Program, expands on how an enabled environment for ICT through policy, planning and good governance allows for collaboration and consequently improved urban life.


  • DigitalCommunities_09Sep13_Afeat

    Changing public perception
    Hundreds of new cities will emerge over the next 20 years, while those already in existence will continue to grow. A study on the issues of safer cities and how urban leaders can draw community support for surveillance programs

  • Connecting modern enterprise
    An in-depth look into authentication factors, use cases and best practices for securing IT infrastructures and protecting them from data breaches

  • Protecting digital infrastructures
    A study on the requirement for a mix of well thought out policies and up-to-date technologies to protect digital infrastructures and their data in a mobile or portable context

  • Interview: Juma Assiago, UN Habitat
    Juma Assiago, Urban Safety Expert with the UN-Habitat’s Global Network on Safer Cities, expands on the role of creativity within smart and secure cities to allow populations to see innovations and systems working for them in their urban environment.

  • Connecting networks
    for public safety

    An exploration into how emergency services IP networkS (ESIN) and map based location technology can automatically locate and identify mobile device users