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Digital transformation: combatting economic downturn and climate change
Digital transformation: combatting economic downturn and climate change Government and industry leaders from around the world have convened at major international events in 2022 to tackle the economic and climate crises facing
all nations. Facts, figures and research predictions in these two critical arenas trigger the discussion on policies and developments that spotlight the impact and influence ICT and smart technologies – with digitalisation top of mind...


  • Editorial
    Optimistic and pessimistic views surrounding technological innovation is akin to mood swings in any aspect of life. It is a fine balance to maintain as the world shifts from pre-Covid to Covid norms, from peace to war, from economic stability to recession, as well as from a long forgotten green to fully fledged fossil fuel...(and hopefully vice-versa, sometime soon?) In this issue, we will for instance illustrate the unprecedented collaborative effort that was catalysed at an international level to support the definition of the digital economy strategy now published by the League of Arab States. So many perspectives were shared during the last two years of intensive exchange, and I was honoured to be officially invited as the only European media company representative to participate in the ongoing discussions...


  • Shaping a new environment in AI
    Alleged data breaches from the Cambridge Analytica scandal offers a glimpse on how the AI revolution is shaping a new environment and why new legislation must be developed to protect not only citizen data, but the dignity of the citizen’s digital persona, taking into account how machines can extract and leverage the very instruction manual that makes each human individual actionable according to third party agendas...