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Eco-smart tech and urban development tops agenda at live international DEC think tank
Wise Media's Digital Economy Checkpoint’s two-day international think tank on Eco-Smart Cities took place on October 22 and 23 in Italy, with working sessions organized in Genova and Savona aboard the flagship vessel of Costa Crociere’s fleet of cruise ships, Costa Smeralda.


  • Editorial
    After 18 months of enforced confinement and patience, visionaries and global leaders are coming together in person this month to address the needs of our post-pandemic world. Digital transformation, eco-living and climate change are topping agendas at world summits like COP 26 – the UN climate change conference hosted in the UK in partnership with Italy – and at the events organized for our community under the brands of the Sustainability Summit and DEC...


  • Shaping a new environment in AI
    Alleged data breaches from the Cambridge Analytica scandal offers a glimpse on how the AI revolution is shaping a new environment and why new legislation must be developed to protect not only citizen data, but the dignity of the citizen’s digital persona, taking into account how machines can extract and leverage the very instruction manual that makes each human individual actionable according to third party agendas...