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Digital empowerment in an interconnected society
The constantly assisted experience of the digitally empowered consumer opens new horizons for self-expression through client-driven design. On the dark side, it could numb the capacity of independent thought and increase the incidence of manipulation among vulnerable individuals...


  • Editorial
    So, the Essen Trade Fair opens its doors with a bridal show for wedding planners. This may be nothing unusual under normal circumstances, but perhaps risky at this time? Do economic-driven decisions challenge stricter measures indicated as wise by the scientific community, at a time where a new crisis in Germany sees a red zone created these days to contain the outbreak of coronavirus...


  • Shaping a new environment in AI
    Alleged data breaches from the Cambridge Analytica scandal offers a glimpse on how the AI revolution is shaping a new environment and why new legislation must be developed to protect not only citizen data, but the dignity of the citizen’s digital persona, taking into account how machines can extract and leverage the very instruction manual that makes each human individual actionable according to third party agendas...