Companies debut cyber IPS SOLUTION

Calient Technologies, a provider of optical circuit switching technology, announced it has teamed with American Networking Solutions to debut the CyberSecure Infrastructure Protection System (IPS). The CyberSecure IPS is the first five-level cyber security solution designed to secure physical fiber cabling infrastructure and automatically protect data traffic of government and enterprise networks from physical plant cyber-attacks – minimizing the risk of physical intrusions and the loss of mission critical classified information. Fiber-optic cables can be tapped and classified data compromised without alerting data security systems. To prevent physical plant cyber-attacks on secure networks, agencies and companies typically deploy protective distribution systems (PDS), data encryption devices or concrete-encased conduit banks. The CyberSecure IPS combines the S320 optical circuit switch from Calient with the CyberSecure Infrastructure Management System (IMS) from American Networking Solutions, creating an alarmed carrier protective distribution system unparalleled in the IT security industry. A routing capability can also be used to direct traffic to optical tap couplers for network packet monitoring.