Sustainable Development is a dynamic media platform created for a forward-thinking community, based on advance interaction schemes.

By creating a focused multi-channel communications initiative, On Publishing is setting a landmark in streamlining information and communication efforts to foster the creation of a new international community of highly select policy makers and public sector representatives interested in sustainable development, building bridges for public and private sector cooperation.

New attention is being given to the necessities of cities, countries and regions to change and grow to meet the challenges surrounding the deployment of interconnected and highly functional information, transportation and security systems to equip modern societies with tools for sustainable growth.

This therefore necessitates the opening of an all-new chapter of investigation, to address the related opportunities and challenges in present and future contexts.

Focused multi-channel communications on sustainable societies

  • cities are poised for upping their services to residents through digitalization and modernization of ICT infrastructures as urban development accelerates world-wide
  • transportation hubs and networks are deploying state-of-the-art technologies for pervasive implementation
  • technological advancements are developing to enhance the world’s resources for economic development through integrated systems and new methods

Three media channels aimed at the heart of our community

Sustainable Development’s multi-channel initiative encompasses the publishing of three media addressing theses issues and more. It engages the Sustainable Development Community in a dynamic and evolving effort to foster forward-thinking on the sustainable evolution of our modern societies.

This communications engine involves:

  • an online information stream and communications channel
  • a print-based quarterly publication on sustainable development;
  • a series of dedicated Newsletters on focus topics of interest

All three channels will provide an in-depth analysis of trends, issues
and new developments with a rich mix of:

  • interviews with policy makers and opinion leaders
  • expert articles by industry leading organizations
  • case studies of revolutionary projects worldwide driving change
  • news on cutting-edge products and solutions

Editorial contributions

Your contributions are welcome and your voice is important to us! Contact our editorial team (here john.matthews@onpublishing.com) to submit impressions, alerts, news, recommendations and abstracts of contributed articles.