Linxens steps forward in making smartcards more sustainable with Folienwerk Wolfen’s rPETG

Technology company, Linxens, providing component-based solutions for secure connections and authentication, promotes a range of recycled, renewable, and recyclable materials compatible with current smartcard processes, EcoLAM®.

In partnership with plastic film manufacturer, Folienwerk Wolfen, the company has announced its first eco-friendly PRELAM® manufactured using recycled PETg, reducing the need for PVC in smart card manufacturing and contributing to making plastic cards ‘greener’. Folienwerk Wolfen is a pioneer in plastic films made from both renewable raw materials and upcycled plastic, including the recycled PETg option.

The company states this innovation establishes best practices in making smartcards more sustainable, reducing the first use of PVC plastics for the manufacturing of contactless and dual- interface cards and helping card manufacturers to reduce carbon footprint.

Driving the adoption of environment-friendly solutions

According to ABI research, more than 8 billion smart cards were manufactured in 2018 using 40,000 tons of PVC, a non-renewable petroleum product, difficult to recycle and toxic when burned. By eliminating the need for PVC, EcoLAM®’s recycled PETg solution can reduce the carbon footprint of the smart card industry and create an environmentally responsible supply chain. It is immediately available in high volumes for smart card manufacturers.

“With our EcoLAM® range of products, Linxens aims to propose new, greener options for card manufacturers and issuers, whatever their market,” explains Arnaud Brunetière, Senior Vice President of Business Unit FTA, Linxens. “We are committed to exploring new ideas and initiatives that can help drive the adoption of environment-friendly solutions in our industry and we are particularly optimistic with our rPETg solution, which does not release toxic or regulated substances throughout its entire life cycle.”

“We are effectively able to process recycled plastic into films for smart card manufacturing,” says Stefan Schröter, Sales and Marketing Director, Folienwerk Wolfen. “By promoting a circular economy, discarded plastic becomes a valuable raw material and the carbon footprint and first-use plastic consumption of the card industry can be significantly reduced. This is what we are doing together with Linxens and the stakeholders of the industry.”