Linxens’ product innovation drives smart card trends in payment, eID and access control

Linxens show highlights at Trustech 2018: release on the Play Store of ‘dLoc’ app for revolutionary document authentication solution; Letter of Approval from Visa and Mastercard for ‘Edgelink’ dual interface card interconnection solution; launch of complete solution for integration of biometric sensors into cards.

Linxens, a leading technology company providing component-based solutions for security and identification, launches a series of technological innovations at Trustech in Cannes, France on 27-29 November. Highlights include the launch of dLoc app for Android phones for instant verification of critical documents, Letter of Approval by Visa and MasterCard for Edgelink, the smart contact-contactless payment card production solution, and complete production solutions for on-card biometric user authentication.

Moving towards contactless payments

The familiar ‘ISO card’ remains consumers’ first choice when it comes to payments and making this card more secure and easier to use is the top priority for the banking sector. For convenience and speed, the dual interface contact-contactless card is becoming the worldwide market reference. Edgelink combines Linxens’ expertise in the design and manufacturing of all critical smart card components – antenna inlay, antenna connector pad and module connector – to support the increasing demand for dual interface cards. With Edgelink, card manufacturers can seamlessly upgrade from contact to dual interface card production without the need for any new investments in equipment or additional processes. Cards feature high RF performance, soldered interconnection for high reliability and long lifetime, durable card body in any laminate, including PVC, high production yields due to slim wire embedded antenna and EMV module made from industry-favored epoxy glass tape. The process features a low entry barrier and fast scalability, with applications ranging from payment to eID and access control.

The next wave: biometrics
While contactless payments are rapidly gaining ground around the world, today’s next big trend can already be seen on the horizon: on-card biometric authentication. Banks, government agencies and retailers are all looking for quicker and more secure identification and authentication solutions, and fingerprint recognition can deliver just this, eliminating the need for signatures and pin codes while allowing consumers to securely use contactless cards even for high value payments.

Linxens, a global leader in contact and contactless secured connectivity solutions, provides inlays and an interconnection technology that enable the easy integration of electronic components such as biometric sensors into ISO cards, allowing card manufacturers to leverage existing card manufacturing infrastructure and minimizing the need for investment in new machines. Linxens’ streamlined supply chain is ready to deliver the critical components for high-volume production of biometric card systems for payments, access control and eGovernment applications, guaranteeing the highest quality and compatibility with all smartcard industry standards.

Authenticating critical documents with the tap of a phone 

At Trustech 2018, Linxens announced the launch of their dLoc smartphone app on the Play Store. The app transforms an Android phone into a scanner that can authenticate critical documents – such as birth certificates, university diplomas, investment certificates, land titles, insurance tags and more – managed with the dLoc document authentication solution.

dLoc is Linxens’ revolutionary system for managing and authenticating critical records.Combining the security of blockchain and the convenience of Near Field Communication (NFC), it allows any document to be stored, shared and verified in real-time using an NFC-enabled mobile device. With dLoc, banks, insurance compa­nies, governments, healthcare providers and virtually any other industry finally have a solution to the genuine problem of document authentication.