About the Awards

Sustainable Development Awards

The Sustainable Development Awards are assigned to outstanding members of the global Sustainable Development Community who have distinguished themselves during the last 12 months in the areas of Future Cities, Electronics Day, Resources, Infrastructures, Aero Innovation, Automotive Innovation.

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Future Cities Award
Assigned to the person who has been successfully fostering new opportunities to sustain development, security and mobility via modern and intelligent ICT Infrastructures in the context of today’s metropolises.

Electronics Day Award
Assigned to the person of outstanding commitment and vision in making a lasting difference by driving one of the most important industries world-wide towards a more sustainable one.

Resources Award
Assigned to the person who fosters a smarter approach to product lifecycles and materials usage based on a growing awareness of its impact on economic development and on the planet in general.

Infrastructures Award
Assigned to the person who excelled in creating a legacy of environmental stewardship through improving efficiency and sustainability of existing structures.

Aero Innovation Award
Assigned to a leader responsible for recognized innovation bringing new paradigms for driving change in aviation.

Automotive Innovation Award
Assigned to the person who is setting new milestones by driving the smarter way for safety, control and security in state-of-the-art automotive applications.

2013 Awards:

    • Global Awards Ceremony on November 12 in Munich

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