DEC to host summit on Arab digital economy

DEC 2018 takes place at the Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi on December 16-17. The Digital Economy Conference and 8th Sustainability Summit is launched under the patronage of the Government of the UAE together with the Council of Arab Economic Unity, supported by the League of Arab States and the Arab Federation for Digital Economy and endorsed by the European Commission with the participation of the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development

DEC 2018 will host the first summit on the Arab digital economy promoted by the Council of Arab Economic Unity within the League of Arab States. The objective is to present and discuss the results of a strategic study conducted in partnership with Cairo University and with the contribution of various institutions in Europe and the US. Government representatives from various countries will debate the process of defining an ambitious agenda for a regional digital economy. Assessments on key technology investments will be shared, envisaging the development of a common technology framework for the 22 member states of the Arab League, as governments collaborate in the pursuit of economic and societal development.

Organized by Wise Media with the support of the Sustainability Summit Working Groups, DEC 2018 will see decision makers and experts from around the world gather to discuss the effects of digital transformation and the outlook of societal development in light of the evolution of the digital economy.

“With today’s billion dollar investments in artificial intelligence made by government institutions and organizations across different continents, we are entering into a new era where it is pivotal to align digital transformation agendas in light of common goals,” says Sophie Boyer de la Giroday, President of Wise Media and Host of the Sustainability Summit and DEC 2018. “Sharing best practices identified worldwide will help reap the benefits and understand the issues implied in the relentless advent of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies ranging from Blockchain and Augmented Reality to 3D printing and the systems at the core of Industry 4.0. As digitally assisted or unmanned processes are rapidly and deeply transforming today’s economic landscapes throughout our societies, and as the continuing scientific and technological revolution generates volumes of comments on social media, thus influencing public opinion and political agendas, time is ripe to assess these developments, share relevant information and best practices on regional and local levels, and put forward key recommendations for evidence-based policy-making.”

The Council of Arab Economic Unity and Cairo University worked together to develop a common ‘Arab Vision for the Digital Economy’, with contributions from international and Arab institutions and organizations as well as practitioner experts from around the world. The results of this study will be illustrated at DEC 2018, with high-profile government representatives of Arab League member states attending the event and closed group meetings organized to facilitate the definition of a common agenda and roadmap towards the development of policies and infrastructures for the digital economy in the era of artificial intelligence and the latest wave of disruptive technologies.

High profile endorsement

Sentiments of appreciation were expressed to H.H. Sheikh Mohammed by the board of directors of AFEC, the Arab Federation for e-Commerce, chaired by H.H. Sheikh Saif, Bin Zayed al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, and Minister of Interior in the UAE: “The development of an Arab vision for the digital economy comes at an important point in time, as the socio-economic context is rapidly evolving worldwide. The advent of artificial intelligence and new disruptive technologies brings about complexity, but also unprecedented opportunities to the local economies in Arab countries, such as the possibility to unleash the full potential of the 4th industrial revolution.”

DEC 2018 will feature two intensive days of high-profile networking and exchanges on the building blocks and trust models of today’s digital economy, with a comprehensive vision about the technologies that will redefine key industry sectors in light of new paradigms and transform our societies as a whole. Attended by an exclusive audience of government representatives, public sector officials from across the region, investors and policy makers involved in various inter-ministerial government-driven projects, the congress will open its doors with the vision shared by government ministers promoting the development of a regional framework for the digital economy in Arab League countries. It will engage select participants in specific working sessions in order to develop a set of recommendations.