Singapore meets city demands

Singapore Land Transport Authority Public transportation requirements in Singapore are immense, with nearly 3 million people riding the bus and 1.6 million people riding the train every day. Coupled with an expected population increase of 50 percent over the next 10 years, Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) decided it needed to develop a new fare processing system that would allow any card issuer to issue cards for any part of Singapore’s public transport system. The LTA wanted to understand the demands placed on the entire transport network in order to configure the most convenient routes, schedules and fares so that public transport would be seen as more attractive for passengers. Since the implementation of the new Symphony for e-Payment (SeP) system has been implemented, the Singapore LTA has seen an 80 percent reduction in revenue leakage from ‘lost’ transactions that were previously due to systems issues, a two percent reduction in the overall lifecycle cost of the fare processing system, and, most impressively, a doubling of performance capacity to the current level of 20 million fares per day. The new system also allows the Singapore LTA to review the overall commuter base of Singapore and create profiles on routes that are commonly taken, main connection bases, and analyze how patterns change over time. With this insight into the demand on the transportation network, the LTA is able to further enhance the performance and, in turn, the attractiveness of public transport for residents of Singapore.